Bob is a one of the main characters of the franchise «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit


Bob is a green frog of full physique. Bob is always with the frog Al.

Bio Edit

The Jungle Bunch: The Movie Edit

Bob first appears at the beginning of the cartoon, where he spent time with Al and Fred. Then when Penguins Ping and Pong turned to Maurice, Bob agreed to join his team on a trip to Antarctica, because Al promised to prepare a special dish for him.

After the team arrived in Antarctica and was defeated by walruses. Bob, like the rest of the team, wanted to return home, but when he saw the pathetic sight of the penguin Pang, immediately changed his mind and listened to Maurice's new plan.

After returning to the penguins selected eggs from the walruses, Bob together with the team began to fight with the walruses themselves. After defeating them, the team began to return home.

The Jungle Bunch Edit

In this series, Bob is the main character, and he appears in each series. But most of the series, Bob along with Al appears as a secondary character.

The Jungle Bunch (film) Edit

In the full-length «The Jungle Bunch», Al and Bob appear after the team saved elephants from submitting to the baboons. They wanted to treat them to their dish, but they in turn did not want to try it, and fortunately, using the signal from the volcano, they immediately leave the frogs.

A little later, Al and Bob watch the team that experienced the transport from Gilbert. When the team made an emergency landing, Al and Bob began to bring them a first aid kit. But when they saw that they were in foam, and not knowing that they were trapped by Igor, Al and Bob jump into foam, thereby stuck there.

Having managed to get out of the trap of Igor, Al and Bob all team headed to Natasha, mother of Maurice. But because of their low stature, the frogs were late to meet with The Champs, who in their turn went to the fight club.

Later, Al and Bob appeared, where they disguised themselves in Igor's lair. Then, they tried to get back the key from the camera is from Surimi in which the «The Champs» were imprisoned.