Desperately Seeking Bob is the fortieth episode of «The Jungle Bunch».

Plot Edit

Al and Bob quarrel a little more hardly than usually at the edge of the pond and bob, offended by a remark made by Al, decides to leave. Along the way, Bob eats as many mosquitoes as he can, and then he's considered as a savior by the koalas, who are harassed by mosquitoes. The koalas, who carry the attributes of finding lying intolerable, regard Bob almost as a god and make him a pasha, until Bob gets bitten by a mosquito that he did not have time to gulp down. Then, the koalas believe that Bob lied to them and put him in the swallower of lies, a huge carnivorous plant. The Jungle Bunch are already to the rescue to try to get back Bob, they reach him thanks to the necklace of resin that Al wears around his neck… the carnivorous plant is allergic to the resin!