Emile is a minor character of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Emile has a black coat color. Emile is very fond of his wife Lucy, and often shows love making drawings, while using ink cuttlefish. It has myopia.

Bio Edit

Emile appeared in the series «Mammoths Rule!». Once Emile, along with his wife, Lucy found himself in a misty area. Emile, without even realizing it, desecrated the rock paintings, which is why he later encountered mammoths led by Hannibal, who made the mole wash the picture. Lucy managed to escape and turned to the «Jungle Bunch» for help. Gilbert and Batricia were captured by mammoths, so they found Emile. Soon the team learns that the mammoths are actually just elephants, which Hannibal made to pretend to be them. Emil was rescued by the team and returned to Lucy.