Professor Ernest is a minor character of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Ernest has a round body with brown plumage, as well as the rest of the kiwi. Wear glasses. Ernest is a scientist, and he also devises inventions. Ernest's story about the origin of kiwi is an absolute lie.

Bio Edit

Ernest first appears in the series «Deep Into the Chasm». Ernest discovers that near the village kiwi began to form a crack due to earthquakes, and so he turned to the «Jungle Bunch» to help prevent a future catastrophe. Arriving with the team to the settlement, they see the abyss, and together with Ernest, they began to prepare for the exploration of the abyss in order to find out what happened under the ground. Ernest decided to measure using a rope tied. But at that stone the cable was tied to the «Jungle Bunch», because of what they fell the abyss. Once at the bottom of the abyss, the team with Ernest began to explore the caves, where in the end they find the cause of the collapse. As a result, the team managed to prevent the cause of collapse, using Ernest's feathers.

In the series "Seven Minutes Flat" Ernest turned to the «Jungle Bunch» for help to correct the work in the mechanism of the volcano, which sends a signal to the team.

In the series "20,000 Bubbles Under the Sea" to the «Jungle Bunch» Ernest's nephew turned, since he was under water and stuck, and Ernest himself has a limited supply of oxygen.

In the series "The Jungle Genius Awards" Ernest and Gilbert presented their invention.