Fred is a minor character in the franchise «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit


Fred has a light brown coat color on his body, and he also has a thick dark coat on his hooves, on his back and on his head, which serves as a hairstyle.

Fred likes to sing most of the time and dreams of becoming a famous singer. Periodically, as a retort, Fred always sings with rhyme.

Bio Edit

The Jungle Bunch: The Movie Edit

Fred first appears in the cartoon when he shows his desire to sing, being with the frogs Alom and Bob, who cleared it of all kinds of insects.

A little later, Penguins Ping and Pong turned to Maurice for help, and Maurice himself began to collect a team for departure to Antarctica. Fred initially refused to go to the distance, but soon, he presented the opportunity in Antarctica to fulfill his dream of the singer, and therefore immediately changed his mind, joining the team of Maurice.

Arriving in Antarctica and after meeting with walruses, the team was defeated. Fred, along with the rest of the team, was disappointed in the failure and together with them also wanted to go home, but seeing Peng's pity, Fred, like the whole team, agrees to try to repeat the plan.

After the penguins returned their eggs to the penguins, Fred performed a song during training sessions. Later, Fred with the team began to fight with the walruses themselves. After defeating them, the team began to return home.

The Jungle Bunch Edit

In this series Fred is a secondary character, and he occasionally appears in each series.