Freddy is a minor character of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Freddy is a hummingbird cub. Freddy learned to talk at once a happy day of life, but at the same time speaks to himself in the third person (perhaps it is because of the style of speech Miguel).

Bio Edit

Freddy appears in the series «Daddy Miguel». Freddie hatched from the egg that the rabbit brought «Jungle Bunch». The team understands that the cub should be returned to the hummingbirds themselves, while allowing Miguel to stay with the "daddy" he was brought to. To call himself Freddy, the chick himself agreed. On the way, Freddy was kidnapped by the neck, which he decided to call him as Juan, but the team managed to get Freddie back. Arriving at the hummingbird, Freddy was returned to his real parents.