20,000 Bubbles Under the SeaA Fishbowl for TwoA Secret Mole
A Sticky SituationAbracadabraAl
All Bets Are OffAn Explosive DuelAn Impossible Mission
An Impossible Mission/GalleryAn Impossible Mission/TranscriptAssault on the Jungle Bunch
Bad HamstersBatriciaBeware of the Gorilla
BobBoiling ShowBrain Drain
Captain CahoueteCaset Their NestsCatch as Catch Can
Crescendo MegaloDaddy MiguelDance of the Vultures
Deep Into the ChasmDesperately Seeking BobDouble Frog Dare
Dragon MissionEggs HuntEmile (mole)
ErnestFerdinandFlight Over a Lettuce Nest
For a Few Pearls MoreFor a Fistful of CahouetesFred
FreddyFree FallFunny Bird
Furies on the ProwlGilbertGuava or Pawpaw
HerculeHibertarsusHic Hic Hiccups!
Ice ScreamIn Her Majesty ServiceInseparable Duo
Invaders from the DeepJasonJean-Claude
JoseJungle BellsJungle Bums
Jungle BunchJungle Bunch Tackles a WeddingJungle Eyes
Jungle GigglesJuniorJunior's First Catch
LeonMain PageMammoths Rule!
Marcel the Puppet MasterMauriceMiguel
Mini Jungle Bunch, Maxi FearMission Keep CalmOld Jim's Treasure (Special part I)
Old Jim's Treasure (Special part II)Old Jim's Treasure (Special part III)Old Jim's Treasure (Special part IV)
Operation Chouettage De DragonPatatorPatrick
PhantomsPlanet of the ApePossum Recall
Princess GroundhogPursuing The Green Emerald PawpawPursuing the Green Emerald Pawpaw
Rabbit trickeriesRaoulRoger (koala)
Roger (otter)RonaldRubies Are Forever
SOS MeteoriteSaving Al and BobSaving Junior
Seven Minutes FlatShells and ShellfishShow Must Go On
Smoked BananasSurpriiise!Tarsier in Danger
The Bloody BerryThe Boulder of FearThe Christmas Heist
The CubeThe Cyclone EyeThe Devastation
The Fake FanThe Fan ClubThe Fireflies Night
The Five Taos of ThunderThe Good, The Baddies and The InternThe Great Evil Itch
The Invasion Has BegunThe JB Behind the WheelThe Jungle Bunch's Nightmare
The Jungle Bunch: The MovieThe Jungle Bunch (film)The Jungle Bunch Are in the Place
The Jungle Bunch and the Lost GrooveThe Jungle Bunch to the RescueThe Jungle Feast
The Jungle Genius AwardsThe Little Plant of HorrorsThe Melting Mangoes
The Mini Jungle BunchThe Mystery of the Yellow CaveThe New Hero
The Night MonsterThe ProphecyThe Sand of Fire
The SnakeThe Stars StoneThe Striking Cry
The Strongest Animal in the JungleThe SwampThe Tiger Hunt
The Valley of Hundred PerilsThe Wild BunchThis Land is Not Your Land
TonyTrippleped Strikes BackWalrus Leader
Web of Fear
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