Patrick is a minor character of the animated series "The Jungle Bunch".

Personality Edit

Patrick's body is beige in color, and he also has a partially burgundy color at the tips of his fingers. Patrick very much likes to make fun of everyone, including the "Jungle Bunch", the victim of which often becomes Maurice.

Bio Edit

Patrick first appears in the series "Deep Into the Chasm". When "Jungle Bunch" and Ernest were in the cave, Patrick first scared them, after which he introduced himself. Hearing from them that they in turn came to find out where the source of the earthquakes came from, Patrick says that the earthquake also caused damage to his house. Patrick leads the team to the source of the wreckage, and he bids farewell to them.

In the series "Jungle Bells" Patrick was one of the disgruntled parents whose children did not obey. Patrick's son, Milo, painted the walls without his permission.

In the series "The Stars Stone" Patrick appears from the very beginning of the series, where he tells jokes "Jungle Bunch". When the team gathered at their headquarters, Patrick twice joked about Maurice, first threw back the armchair of Maurice, and then replaced his son with a watermelon, which soon finds himself in his armpit. Patrick went with them the way, and at the same time he was asked not to show any jokes. When the team watched the villains, then Patrick accidentally gave all out, and then unable to resist his favorite occupation, accidentally made all hostage villains. But the team itself eventually freed itself and defeated the enemies. At the end of the series, Patrick was fooled by Gilbert, who specifically called complex scientific words, but Patrick in retaliation frightened him.

In the series "For a Few Pearls More" Patrick is the leader in the camp, among which was the Junior. As Patrick himself states, he became a counselor instead of a cousin, as he broke his paw.