Roger is a minor character of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Roger has a gray coat color and has a mustache. Roger loves his work very much.

Bio Edit

Roger first appears in the series «The Mystery of the Yellow Cave». «Jungle Bunch» suspected Roger as one of the suspects in the theft of the tiara Esmeralda. Roger denied his involvement in the theft.

In the series «The Stars Stone» Roger turned to the «Jungle Bunch» for help because of the invasion of a gang of scaly ones led by the Dhoom.

In the episode «Caset Their Nests», Maurice, together with Al and Bob, made an emergency landing on Roger's garden. A little later, Roger turned to the «Jungle Bunch» about the snails in his garden.

In the series «A Sticky Situation» Roger together with Stanislas stuck to each other, when they tore off the jackfruit from the tree. Roger thought that Stanislas fell into the gorge, and went to the «Jungle Bunch» for help. Roger from the team learns that Stanislas did not fall into the gorge, but stuck to his back. Roger helped the team gather the necessary ingredients to create a decoction that would help him disconnect from Stanislas.

In the series «Invaders from the Deep», Roger and Marla experimented with marsh moss, in which the antidote is nettle manure. Soon, Roger and Marla were attacked by octopuses. Roger, along with Batrisia prevented the octopuses in their attempt to spread moss.