Roger is a minor character of the animated series «The Jungle Bunch».

Personality Edit

Roger has a brown coat color. Roger comes from the place where the otters do not resort to violence.

Bio Edit

Roger appeared in the series «Mission Keep Calm». The place where Roger lived was attacked by hamsters, but since they try not to use violence, they have to endure their antics. Roger decided to seek help from the team «Jungle Bunch». On the way, Roger tried to protect every living organism that some of the team members could attack. The team itself failed to peacefully negotiate with the hamsters, and eventually they decided to entrap them, Roger was glad that they did not show violence, but despite this, the hamsters managed to get out of the trap. Roger was disappointed and decided to live under the oppression of hamsters. But however, the team noticed that hamsters have a weak spot - this is to apply them to hugs and kisses, which in the end it did. After they drove away the hamsters, Roger thanked the team for their help.